On our recent trip to the IFA in Berlin, we discovered a new gem from Sage. The Sage Bambino Plus is an espresso machine for maximum coffee enjoyment in the smallest space. With a stainless steel housing, the machine differs in size and boiler from their existing range.

Sage Bambino Plus Review

As most of you know, the exact observance of the water temperature during the brewing process determines the taste of the espresso. Temperature fluctuations must be avoided, as even a degree too high or too low can make the coffee taste dull. To prevent this, the Sage filter holder is equipped with a digital temperature control (PID), which keeps the temperature during the coffee extraction.

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Crema like golden honey depends on the appropriate pressure during the extraction. With the help of the pre-infusion, the extraction of coffee begins at low pressure. As a result, the coffee powder in the filter holder is soaked evenly with water. Thus, in the further extraction with nine bar pressure, the water can penetrate evenly through the coffee powder and release all flavors.

Sage bambino plus

Despite not having a grinder this new model does come with that authentic barista feeling as it combines ease of use with the fun of creating a really good cup of coffee. Pre-infusion at low pressure, optimal coffee powder dosing at a capacity of 19g, patented ThermoJet heating system for optimum extraction temperature in three seconds, and silky-soft milk foam makes Bambino Plus a quick, compact, and cost-effective coffee maker that produces high-end quality coffee similar to a commercial machine, in a much smaller format.

In addition, the coffee lover has three levels of milk temperatures to choose from and three different milk textures.

The machine looks absolutely beautiful and modern. The housing is mostly made of stainless steel. The water tank at the back has a capacity of 1.9 liters and can be easily removed with one hand. The patented ThermoJet heating system is designed to bring the Bambino Plus up to operating temperature in just three seconds so that even quick coffee can work perfectly in between.

The right dosage

During coffee preparation with sieve carrier machines, it depends, among other things, on the correct dosage of coffee. The portafilter of the Bambino Plus has a capacity of 19g. Just the right amount to achieve the best coffee flavor. The hobby barista does not have to worry about filling. Excess coffee powder is simply wiped off with the included trimmer, so that the right amount is left in the sieve at all times. Subsequently, the powder is pressed together with the tamper. Both tamper and portafilter are also made of stainless steel. Thanks to precise guides, the portafilter can easily be locked into the machine with a single movement, so tilting is not possible. In the beginning, the water is pressed through the powder under low pressure in order to achieve an even distribution (pre-infusion). Only then does the actual extraction take place at a pressure of 9 bar. The electronic temperature control of the Bambino Plus ensures a constant temperature in the brewing unit during the entire preparation process.

Professional milk foam

The Bambino Plus is just as easy when it comes to milk froth. The milk foam reveals the arts of every barista. The supplied milk can made of stainless steel has a capacity of 480 ml. The easy to use steam lance of the milk frother is equipped with a plastic handle, so you do not burn your fingers on the hot tube. During foaming, the coffee maker automatically ensures a perfect consistency of the milk foam. As befits a small “big one”, the milk frothing temperature and milk froth texture can be adjusted in 3 stages. After each coffee preparation, the milk system of the Bambino Plus cleans itself automatically. When not in use for a long time, the machine switches off automatically. We’ve had the pleasure to try it ourselves and the taste can easily be compared to what you can achieve with the higher end machines.

Sage espresso machine Bambino Plus

Key Selling Points

  • Temperature control to a degree’s accuracy during extraction
  • Perfect pressure for pre-infusion and ideal extraction pressure
  • Compact and cost-effective alternative to larger machines

Stay tuned for a more extensive review coming up in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments

About Sage

Sage Appliances has its origins in Australia and has been developing and producing high quality small kitchen appliances for 85 years. The product development takes place in the in-house development center in Sydney. Here are some of the most famous Australian kitchen appliances such as the Snack’n Sandwich Maker or the trendy espresso portafilter machines. The goal of all developments is to provide the consumer with functional, high-quality and above all easy-to-clean devices for daily use in the kitchen.

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